Fast Faithful Facts

Faithful, yes, but why “fast?”

When people ask questions about our faith, they don’t respond well to the drop of a big, fat book. Further, if we can’t concisely summarize an answer, they don’t trust that we actually understand the topic. According to the scriptures, we must be prepared.

But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15

In what follows, I will share concise answers to some common questions that are faithful to the scriptures and sound reasoning.


1. How can the Bible be true if scientists say evolution has been proven? (Answer 1, Answer 2)

2. Is the beginning in the Bible the same as the Big Bang? (Answer 1)

3. Was there really a Noah’s Ark & Flood? (Answer 1)

4. Why aren’t dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? (Answer 1)

5. Where did Cain get his wife? (Answer 1)

6. Does the Bible say anything about ETs and UFOs being real? (Answer 1)

7. Where does the Ice Age fit into the Bible? (Answer 1)

8. Why would a loving God allow suffering and pain in his creation? (Answer 1 : An example of a role-play answer. )

9. How do you know that Christianity is true and not some other religions like Buddhism or Islam? (Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3)

10. If everything needs a creator like Christians say, then who created God? (Answer 1, Answer 2 : An example of a role-play answer.)

11. Well, if God doesn’t need a maker, why can’t we just say the universe doesn’t need a maker either? (Answer 1)

12. How do we know that the whole Bible is reliable? (Answer 1) How do we evaluate the reliability of the Old Testament (Hebrew) scriptures? (Answer 1). How do we evaluate the reliability of the New Testament (Greek) Scriptures? (Answer 1)

13. How do we know that Jesus even existed? (Answer 1)

14. Sure, the Bible says that Jesus rose from the Dead, but is there any evidence outside the Bible? (Answer 1, Answer 2)

15. Wasn’t the New Testament written hundreds of years after Jesus lived? Wouldn’t that make it unreliable? (Answer 1)

16. If God can do anything He wants, is it possible for Him to make a rock so big He can’t move it? (Answer 1)

17. What about the newly discovered Coptic manuscript some call “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife?” (Answer 1)

18. What makes you think the Book of Mormon is not trustworthy? (Answer 1)

19. Why would God create the universe? (Answer 1, Answer 2)

20. Why is there only one God? (Monotheism versus animism, polytheism, Mormon henotheism, etc.) (Answer 1)

21. Why does God favor humans more than his other creations? (Answer 1, Answer 2)

22. Since Christians sometimes disagree on how to interpret the Bible, how can we know what is important to believe? (Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3)

23. Why would a loving God send people to hell for eternity? (Answer 1)

Tim Nordgren, 12/02/2021